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Our solution for conference and meeting apps simplifies both for the organizer, administrators and participants.
With the conference in your pocket, it is with the participant at all times, changes are updated in real time and administrators quickly reach out with the necessary information.
Regardless of whether it is a single meeting, a larger conference, the company’s Christmas party or several different conferences and meetings internally and externally, our solutions can meet most needs.

Keep participants informed

The app makes the event information easy for participants to access. Full control from registration to follow-up with access to current and correct information such as date, time, place of event, speakers, agenda, activities and other things that are good to know. Depending on the solution, the user can be given different options for feedback both before, during and after the event.. 

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Manage events and conferences with ease

The platform provides conference administrators with an online tool to manage aspects such as attendees, event registration, information sharing, entry rights, calendar, news updates and bulletin boards, etc. The solution also functions as a registration portal and entry pass if desired. The user can then register directly in the app and the administrator can grant immediate access.

In our solution, the administrator can make certain changes and updates “on the go” directly via the app.

Remind and notify

With notifications, participants are immediately engaged and activated. Important messages and updates get noticed and reach more people faster. After a completed event, notifications can also remind users of any upcoming events.
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Customize functions

Do you already have one or more systems that you want to connect to an app or do you have your own idea for how your app should look and function? Contact us and we’ll see how we can help you with that.

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